The author of these pages is Paul Fanning, a retired teacher and teacher trainer in the field of English for speakers of other languages (ESOL). Paul began his career as a secondary school teacher in Zambia in 1971, but since then he has worked mostly in universities with students at an advanced level of English. He specialises in the teaching of English for academic and professional purposes, with a particular interest in common problems of grammar and vocabulary in this area. As well as in Zambia, he has taught English in Spain, Eritrea, The Sudan, Uganda and Britain (Middlesex University). He has been involved in the writing of two coursebooks in English for Specific Purposes: English in the Medical Laboratory (1980, with John Swales – published by Nelson), and Grammar Practice for Professional Writing (2009, Athena). 

Paul lives in the town of Reading in England, but maintains links with East Africa, where he still has some professional contacts, and Spain, where the eldest of his five children (Noelle) resides. His main activity in retirement is thinking and writing about learners’ problems in English for Academic Purposes. He hopes that this web site will bring his numerous ideas and insights of the past 40 years to a wider audience of learners and fellow teachers, so that anything of true value in his thinking is not lost. The word “Guinlist” in the address of the site is an anagram of “linguist”, the word that best sums up his academic orientation.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Mr. Fanning:

    Thank you very much for your blog full of insights into English language use. I always follow you and I have to say that I enjoy your articles as much as I used to enjoy your lessons at Middlesex University some twenty years ago 🙂
    Best wishes

  2. Thank you Mr Fanning. Its so great and kind of you to share such a rich and advanced knowledge.May God bless you with best of health and all happiness.

    How can I purchase a book in print ? Please help me.

    • Your feedback is appreciated. To buy the book, go to Amazon and search in Books under my full name. The print version of “Grammar Practice for Professional Writing” should come up easily.

  3. Dear Mr. Fanning, I am non-native English speaker and I struggle a lot advanced grammar issues. As from a PhD student in the international arena, it is expected from me to have a level of English like native. Your blog is the best blog I have found so far about grammar. Thank you very much. I may think of presenting myself with your book for this Christmas.

  4. Dear Mr. Fanning,
    Thank you for maintaining this excellent resource for students of English. I am a university instructor and am always on the lookout for references and resources I can recommend to students, and this is indeed one of the best I have run across. Thanks again! I will include your site in our list of helpful links in our English Dept.

    • Being a resource for students is exactly what I wanted to achieve when I started on the website, so I much appreciate your assistance in that. I hope I can continue to meet a need!

  5. Thank you very much for the concern, I now feel I am redoing my English course, doing all the revision and correcting the mistakes at the same time. This site will surely benefit us. I am going to refer many people to it.

  6. Thank you for this site. Its of great importance because I have
    realized that there is alot to learn. CONGRATULATIONS!

  7. have lived in the dark for long…i thought i knew english but it seems have just started…now this is what i call english language…..what i knew was just alike of it but not,i hope that with time and practice i will be almost good as you are….thanks Mr.paul fanning for making a greater difference in our lives.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I’m trying to clarify aspects of English that really are a problem for advanced learners, so any indications that I’m on the right track are appreciated.

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