Posts on Specific Words


Most of the Guinlist posts are about groups of words rather than words by themselves.  The few that deal with individual problem words can therefore be hard to find. To remedy this, I list on this page all of the posts that deal with individual words. The posts themselves can be accessed by clicking on their titles.


51. Making Concessions with “May”

53. “As”, “Like” and “Such As”

56. Comparing with “Like” and “Unlike”

60. Purpose Sentences with “For”

61. “Since” versus “Because”

63. Constraints on Using “The One(s)”

87. “Same As” versus “Same That”

89. Using “The” with General Meaning

92. Complement-Showing “As”

98. “Very”, Much” and “Very Much”

99. When to Use “Whether … Or …”

103. Postponed Subjects in “It” Sentences

104. Naming Data Sources with “As”

116. Rarer Uses of HAVE

118. Problems with Conditional “If”

141. Ways of Using MAKE

145. Highlighting with  “What” Sentences

153. Conjunction Uses of That”

160. Uses of “of”

161. Special Uses of “There” Sentences

169. “All”, “Each” and “Every”

176. Ways of Using GO

179. Deeper Meanings of “If”