Learning Materials


The materials that can be accessed from this page have usually formed the basis of English Language lessons given in the past by the author of this blog to university students.  They are WORD files, each downloadable by clicking on the filename next to the selected title.

1.  Understanding Written Instructions:  INSTRUCS

2.  Giving Examples:   EXEMPLIFICATION

3.  Definition and Types of Collocation: COLLOC

4.  Words to Avoid in Academic Writing: STYLE

5.  Sentence Links: LINKSENT

6.  Definition Writing:  DEFNS

7.  Aspects of Word Knowledge:  VOCFEATS

8. Latin Roots of English Words:  Latininf

9. Use of very/so/too/enough/quiteSO-TOO-VERY-ENOUGH-QUITE

10. How to Plan an Essay:  ESSPLAN

11. Tricky Word Contrasts: voccnfsns

12. Consonant Reduction in Reading Aloud: plosives

13. Intonation of Spoken English: Intones

14. Essay Instruction Words: EssQWords


10 thoughts on “Learning Materials

  1. Very helpful materials that I used in Jinja, You as my professor, now I use in Congo to help people get to know English. Great work Paul.

      • You most welcome Mr. Fanning. During my English Class on Saturday I was asked by one of my students, if I would give a list of Irregular verbs. I promised the class that I would ask my English professor about that, and so here I am. Are there many irregular verbs in English?

      • Thanks for your question. English has about 145 irregular verbs. You can find a list in most good grammars and dictionaries – and probably online somewhere too.

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